Happiness is overrated

I think happiness depends on happenings (which are constantly changing), whereas joy depends on peace and security in the Lord.

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I’m not saying this to be controversial and certainly not to be pessimistic. I just think the world’s gone a bit obsessed over the concept of being happy and what that means.

Today’s well-intentioned advice about how to be happier may actually be making us feel bad when we don’t feel “ecstatic, leaping out of bed in the morning, can’t stop smiling”, happy. If you don’t feel particularly cheerful, does that mean you are failing at life?

No, of course not. Imagine someone who is in the midst of their studies; stressed to the maximum. At that moment, happiness takes second place to hard work and accomplishment.

Happiness may be one great emotion, but it is not the only one that matters. Some other feelings you may come across on your journey that are of EQUAL value;

1. Sense of accomplishment

2. Sense of fulfillment

3. Personal growth

4. Sense…

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