If Knowledge Is a Ten, I Start At Minus Seven When It Comes to Gardening

I’m all about growing fresh vegetables, but here’s a friends take on how difficult that can be for some. Hope you get a laugh out of it.

Margery Warder

Not long after I married, my husband concluded plants rarely survived under my care. He’d tell people not to give me plants. He said plants sitting beside my kitchen sink would die for lack of water. I felt a little better telling him some of them were plastic… But I guess he’s mostly right. A thriving African violet would do fine for months until I moved it to a slightly different location.  Before long, I try to figure out what to do with the dirt in the pot where it had died. I tried growing a few vegetables in our first garden; my husband said my cucumbers were an embarrassment and instructed me to pick them as early as I could because they were “curly” instead of straight. In my defense, I am thankful I can report that a raspberry patch someone started before we moved in was still bearing…

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